Etowah High School Volleyball

NEW 2023-24 Etowah High School Volleyball Tryouts


Welcome to the 2023-24 Etowah High School Volleyball

Tryout Registration!


This registration session will allow you to sign up for participation.
Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. 

You will need a SportsEngine account in order to register. 

Please pay special attention to the information regarding Healthy Roster. Athletes are NOT ALLOWED to participate in tryouts until approved through Healthy Roster. If you show up but are not cleared- you will NOT participate.

Please scroll all the way to the bottom of each page to find the continue button



Cherokee County Schools will be utilizing Healthy Roster to collect & communicate information on all athletes throughout the year. As a part of this process Etowah High School will be asking all parents of athletes to set up a Healthy Roster account. If you already have an account, you do not need to create a different one for each student. You will be able to use one account if you have multiple students at EHS.

During the process of setting up your online account, parents will be asked to enter athlete data, electronically sign all permission and consent forms, enter insurance information, and upload sports physicals themselves into Healthy Roster. This system will also be able to report and update both parents and coaches on any potential injuries to the athletes during the year.

In order to complete your volleyball tryout registration, please read over and follow the guidelines below:


  • Once you have completed this registration an email will be sent to the PARENT email provided
  • This email will direct you on your next steps to set up/update your athlete’s Healthy Roster account.
  • If you currently do not have a Heathy Roster account, please do not set up an account on your own. You will need to wait until you get the invite and follow those specific instructions.
  • Your athlete is NOT allowed to participate in any tryout or training until they are approved through Healthy Roster

Below is a link to detailed instructions, including step by step videos. Please review the process so you are ready once you receive your Healthy Roster invite email.


Please direct questions to:  Lori Novack @ 561-374-1897 (text or call)

Bryan Jones